85% of Organisations Are Standered With Non-Contactable Customer Data

B2B Contact Database

The present era is the digital era and data holds a topmost priority. The businesses need precise and relevant data – to smoothly carry out their vivid business processes and strategize the future course of action. Here, 99 Webmart provides client-centric B2B contact database with the following noteworthy features:

  •  The collected data is systematically organized and presented in the crystal clear format.
  •   The data is obtained from authentic sources.
  •   It includes details of product manufacturers, service providers, distributors, importers, exporters, etc.
  •   The data comes in easy to use Excel format.
  •   The data is as per the demanding market needs.
  •   The data includes the details of various exhibitions and events, occurring across the nation.

The Biggest Range of Business & Industrial Data

Intelligent Database Managment ( Trade wise, City Wise / State wise EmailId's data)

The 99 Webmart has honed a great reputation in the data business for providing specialized data. The company has unfolded data of various industries such as Electronics, Electrical, Machinery, Printing, Plastic, Construction, Food, Automobile, Security, Marble, Glass, Leather, Pharmaceuticals, Jewellery, Architects, etc.

  •   The data helps businesses in making informative decisions.
  •   It can be used for running the mailing or calling campaigns.
  •   The data helps businesses in strategizing the future course of action.
  •   The data includes the Name of the company, address, phone number, email ID, website, products, service details, etc.
  •   The company comes with a vast range of business and industrial data.
  •   It gives better ROI (Return of Investment) to the businesses.

Quality Managment

The company works on all the components of quality management (including planning, assurance, control, and improvement) to help businesses with the desired output. The offerings are as per the client specifications with the said accuracy and reliability.

  •   The focus is on customers and the company strives to exceed the client expectations.
  •   It assists businesses with the right engagement and relationship management
  •   The strategy is formulated for defining and improving the process
  •   The company works on short term initiatives and at the same time also focuses upon the long term goals – to bring a profitable outcome.
  •   There is the use of quality management software for providing industry-specific solutions.
  •   The company follows an evidence-based approach for continuous improvement in the system design.

Data Security

99 Webmart gives topmost priority to data security. The company ensures that there is no unauthorized access to the business data. Here, the security model is designed to provide adequate protection from cyber-attacks that exist in vivid forms.

  •   There is an adequate protection (with encryption and biometric technology) to the sensitive data.
  •   It is your one-stop data solution that includes data collection, processing of data, modeling of data, testing of data - and finally the evaluation of data.
  •   The high level of efficiency is maintained while processing the data.
  •   The proactive action is taken to handle any incident of a data breach.
  •   The company employs a range of technologies for data security (i.e., data encryption, data masking, data erasure, data resilience, logical control, administrative control, etc.).

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